Punks with

Wunks are leveling the playing field and changing the game with our Wunks social impact NFT. Our unique NFT celebrates disruptors and empowers the Wunks Foundation which provides impactful utility, community benefits and creator grants. Wunks are here to stay with our own style and rocking a whole lot of pink!



As part of the Wunks Foundation, the Wunks in Leadership (WIL) Fund provides grants to fund diverse voices entering the web3 space.



The WUNK Fund is a community fund that provides community benefits and holder rewards. Wunks holders are eligible to submit proposal for use of these funds.

6,000 Collectible Wunks

  • All women punk style NFT collection
  • ERC-721 tokens. Getting Wunky on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Wunks in Leadership fund powered by Wunks secondary sales
  • Holder only raffles and discounts
  • Access to IRL meetups
  • Ability to submit and vote on proposals for the Community fund
  • Wunk community fund powered by mints launched through BLAM.io
  • 1/1 Icons within the original Wunk collection
  • 1/1 Honorary Wunks collection to honor women in the NFT space
  • Mint price: 0.025 eth (sold out Jan '22)
  • Available to purchase with eth on Opensea
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The icons

Wunks Icon Tokens are part of the collection of 6,000 Wunks, and each icon is a 1/1 NFT designed to pay homage to influential women throughout history.

Our collection features 8 icons, including Amelia Earhart, Anne Frank, Billie Eilish, Paris Hilton, Oprah Winfrey.

We are committed to shining a light on women and celebrating their achievements. Our new collection of Honorary Wunks celebrates additional iconic women. This collection is currently being announced in weekly drops on our official Wunks Twitter page. Once the tokens are accepted by the honorees, we airdrop the token to their wallets. Check out our current honorees on Opensea.

Our team

Natalie Booth Hereford

Board of Directors

Patrick Hereford

Board of Directors


The No-Code NFT Launchpad for Digital Collectibles and NFTs

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BLAM creates a NFT mint site tailored to your collection with a gas optimized contract.

Created by the founders of Wunks.


Jan 10 '22


Jan 30 '22

Beta Launchpad

Feb 4 '22

Wunks in Leadership Fund and Community Fund launched
(6.6 eth each)

Feb 9 '22

Community proposal system launched

Feb '22

Honorary Wunks launched

Mar 1 '22

First WIL Fund grant
(3.0 eth)

Jun 21 '22

Wunks @ Blockchain for Social Good
New York, NY

Dec '22

Wunks @ Blockchain for Social Good
Miami, FL

Dec '22

Wunks Foundation launched

Jan '23

Wunky Wednesday Twitter spaces launched

Jan '23

One year anniversary (Community NFT giveaway)

Mar '23

Wunks LA Meetup

Mar '23

Participated in OuterEdge

Apr '23

Wunks NYC Meetup w/TIMEPieces


Giveaways and Grant Giving


If you are interested in collaborating with us, you can reach us via email at hello@wunks.xyz